A strange case of OTP Fraud ? Beware of Scammers and save yourself.

A strange case of OTP Fraud

A strange case of OTP Fraud
A strange case of OTP Fraud

Yesterday evening I got a call from a girl ,

The bid, "Sir, I was registering for the job, I have put your number by mistake, because there is a lot of similarity between me and your mobile number. You will have an OTP in a while, please tell me sir , Is the question of my life. "

Since the thing looked just right, I checked the mobile inbox (inbox), the two messages were there. One was OTP, the second one came from mobile. wrote; "Dear sir, what OTP has come to you, please send it to this number ... Thanks in advance."

I was seeing the message that the phone came again ... I clicked OK. That's a beautiful voice. The bus number was second. "Sir, you must have seen that OTP has come so far, either tell or forward it to that number ... please ..."

"I'll talk," but you do one thing first. "

"Yes sir ... say .."

"The number which you have entered into the registration, it is my number and you have even a similar number to it, so then this mistake has happened to you, is not it?"

"Yes sir..

"OK, call me from the same number so that I can verify that you are correct .."

"What is that sir, that number does not have balance ... Sir ... you do not trust the word of a girl ...?"

"Talk is not about a girl, a boy and a trust, I do not know you, then how can I trust without examining it?"

"Then let it be ... because of the bad people like you, people have got the confidence of humanity today."

With one or two sarcastic remarks, the unhappy lady cut the phone.

The mind was heavy. I started thinking that maybe I am becoming more unbeliever, inhuman and technical. Again, dial the number and pick up the phone to tell the OTP. Only then the notification of my bank's email was flashing on the screen. There was a notification of the bank, it was necessary to see. wrote;

Dear Sir / Madam,

You are trying to change your internet banking password, click the link below ...

I remained furious... so much foul play on the name of humanity ... fraud ...

Filled with anger, redialized, in the mood of the fight ...

The answer was coming from;

The customer, you are trying to reach ...

Be on your guard - alert others

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  1. Mere icici ac se bhi 766inr ka froud ho tha 15july ko

    q k maine uc browser se NetBanking use kiya tha
    Data leaked hua aur 766 k ll44 ho gaye 😂
    Return aaya toh saahi me party

  2. Otp share nhi kiya tha sir
    Inft (internal fund transfer) tha
    Icici to icici account
    Inft me koi otp nahi koi mail nahi koi notification nahi

    Complaint raise hua hai froud me mere account temerory freeze hua new debit card issued kiya hai

    Main ss send karta hu apko

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