"How to earn from Social Media ?" Social Media se Paise Kaise Kamaaye !

How to earn from Social Media ?
How to earn from Social Media ?

Everyone wants to earn a lot of money and earn money to make money, always looking for different ways. If you have been thinking about how to earn money, especially when it is a matter of earning money, then many The methods have come, but now it is time to think of social media in such a way that whether you can make money using social media or not, and if yes, how much money and how to earn it. Read it completely and Learn.

  • Can you earn money from Facebook Twitter Instagram on social media?
  • If yes, then you can ask for money online.
  • What can I do to save money?
  • Internet money can be used and can still be used.

You must know that social media is very popular now, such as facebook twitter instagram YouTube due to its all-in-one Whatsapp Hike Telegram, due to all this people of this world talk to each other and due to connecting to each other, Only a big network was created.

So if you want, you can take advantage of it, and not thousands but millions of rupees per month, and there are so many people from which I am also a person who earns a lot of money with the help of social media.

Let me tell you that I earn a lot of money online as well as earning a good job, one has to work day and night and at the same time there will be pressure of the boss in that company, at the same time, at 9 pm, go to the office and at 5 o'clock or more. After working for a long time, I came home now because I thought about earning money online and today I am doing it.

Let's go now at the point at which point you have been inquiring since then.

What is the most important thing for this is that at least the social media you want to earn money should have your profile on it, like if you want to earn from facebook then you should have facebook page. After that twitter or instagram then its business profile.

If you have Instagram profile then convert it from personal account to business account so that you can get the advantage of it because there is a lot of feature in the instagram's business account which is not in the personal account.

Now the most ego point after this is that there should be lot of fan page on your page as if you have a facebook page then there should be lot of likes on the page, so I have created a lot of pages which have more than 1 lakh pages. and follower, which is of different category as well as my YouTube channel which has more than 250000 subscribers.

Now, when your page fan is following, the next step you have to do is join the affiliate program with Affiliate Marketing so that after joining you will generate a unique link which will be shared on your social media account and when If any person purchases a product from that shared ID, then you will get commission.

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If you really want more information, then you will write your comment in the comment section of this post so that you can tell me more advance thing. Now you may have understood that "How to earn from Social Media ?"


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