TikTok Creating Frustration to many Creators. Youth in Trap.

TikTok Creating Frustration to many Creators.

What is TikTok ?

TikTok is an Android/iOS App that allows people to make short videos with different effects and style. Users here can Lip-sync on music, dialogues, etc of their own choice. They can even add dialogues of their own by recording their own voice. In short anything can be done on this app for entertaining others and even ourselves.

TikTok, Youth in Trap.
TikTok, Youth in Trap.

How it Changed the World ?

Many users have become famous and also know as TikTok Celebrity and others are trying to become the same. This app have gained a great popularity and almost everyone on this planet earth is using this app whether child or old, male or female, almost everyone.

The Dark Side of TikTok.

But the dark side of this app is that it is promoting useless contents more instead of promoting quality contents with few exceptions due to which, frustration have been developed in many users that why their videos are not getting much views even when their videos are much more meaningful and quality video than those videos which are useless with no quality and learnings ata  

Rural people acting weird and with zero talent are being promoted day by day with millions of views and likes and even they are getting famous which has become a great disappointment to many users. 

Even there are some cases where people are doing abnormal things to get famous. Boys are acting like girls by putting make ups and getting completely transformed as if they are transgender. They wear female outfits and jewelleries just to look unique and different. 

Another side effect of this is that it is greatly impacting students life where young generation is getting more focussed towards getting famous rather than focussing on studies and wasting their childhood in gadgets instead of having fun in nature. It is also creating anxiety, depression, mood swings among youngsters when they are away from it.

Although, there is nothing bad with the app. The bad is within ourselves that we are not able to deal with this or we can't educate enough to our children or the people whom we love about the adverse effects of this that how it's consuming time and career both in the life of people who are meant to be something else in their life.

The Blunders

There are so many blunders happening day by day. Some bring laughter but some brings pain. Outfit malfunctioning, getting hurt to make something unique, copying others and failing at first place and getting wounded have become come. Some have even lost their lives and there are some unique cases which are unexpected and going viral.

Although I am also a TikTok User and I love this App but I just want to educate people to stay away from it's adverse effects if it hampers your common life. Everything is good in moderation and if exceeded over the limit would definitely cost you something whether it's time, money or satisfaction. Having fun is good but wasting too much time for having fun is no sense.

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